Toxic Black Mold

Toxic Black Mold

Mold is usually allergenic but some molds are toxic. Theses toxic molds are extremely dangerous and risky for the human health. Mold usually grows in the damp and moist areas. The most famous and common toxic mold is starchybotrys  chartarum. It is an extremely toxic mold that is a serious risk to the inhabitant’s health. It is also known as toxic black mold.  Mycotoxins are the toxins that are produced by stachybotrys.


Apparent Form of Toxic Mold
Apparently a toxic black mold is greenish black in color and jelly like fungi. It has a wet layer in the top that give it a slimy look. If the source of water of the toxic mold’s colony runs out then the apparent form can seem dry and powdery. Some other mold also look like stachybotrys (toxic mold) but they are not toxic. If you want to differentiate between the toxic and allergenic mold then you have to take help from an expert like los angeles emergency restoration service who can look at the sample and tell you exactly about the form of mold (either toxic or allergenic). Only a microscopic inspection can tell about the difference.


Symptoms of Toxic Black Mold


  • Symptoms of black mold are toxic and they might include
  • Severe respiratory problems
  • Hemorrhage
  • Internal organs disorder
  • Cancer
  • Severe neurological problems
  • Headaches
  • Severe eye irritation
  • Nausea
  • Memory loss
  • Tiredness
  • Suppression of immune system
  • Inflammation of skin


The toxic mold usually has permanent effects on human health and sometimes they are responsible even for the death of any individual.


Removal of Toxic Mold



Toxic mold should not be removed on your own like the ordinary allergenic mold. Rather services of an expert must be rendered in order to clean up the black toxic mold from your home. This is because if the black mold is disturbed then huge amount of spores and mycotoxins are released by the mold that can worsen off the situation and cause extremely hazardous effects. Only a professional as los angeles mold remediation mold removal expert can help you in removing and cleaning the toxic mold. He has proper safety equipment that can help in avoiding to touch the mold or the mold spores. They can do their job with minimal disturbance and thus avoiding the mold spores.

Growth of Toxic Mold

The growth of toxic mold is not very easy as compared to ordinary allergenic mold. Some special conditions are needed for the growth of toxic mold like stachybotrys. A special wet material is needed for its growth. Ordinary mold require 1-2 days for colonalization and toxic mold requires 8-12 days.



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