Water Damage: Protection of Basement from the Water Damage

Water Damage: Protection of Basement from the Water Damage

Water damage is very dangerous for the human health as well as the structure of buildings. If the buildings are exposed to water for a long time then mold growth can occur. To prevent the mold growth in the homes and other buildings then you must shorten the time period of exposure to the water or flood or call professionals like los angeles water damage repair to avoid this problem. There must be some precautionary steps that must be followed to save the buildings from the water/flood damage. Whenever you construct a basement in your home then you should take some precautions to save it from any water damage.  Following are some steps that should be followed in order to save the basement from the water/flood damage.

Step no: 1

The very first step should be prevention from the flood damage. This is because prevention is always better than cure. The possible steps of prevention are slope the yard surface away from the home and extension of the rain gutters down away from the home.

Step no: 2

Do not allow the rain water to saturate the ground because this will cause the basement flooding. Clean the rain gutters and do not allow them to be blocked.

Step no: 3

Inspect your yard in the heavy rains to see if the rain water is directed towards your home. If this is the case then call a landscaper who can direct the water away from your home.

Step no: 4

You must have an extra power supply like generator which can run the essential devices, in case when the power supply is lost. This generator will help to avoid the flooding in the basement through providing electricity for the circuits like well pump, septic tank pump and sump pump etc.

Step no: 5

A sump pump helps to keep the rainfall from reserving in the basements. The sump pump is like a flood drain.

Step no: 6

A sump pump is very essential to combat the basement flooding. So there must be an extra/ backup sump pump in your home. Te backup pump must be connected to a power source so that if the power supply fails then there is no chance that the sump pump is not in working condition.

Step no: 7

The very next step is of prevention and family plan. If you live in the danger zone where floods hit frequently then you must plan for a safer place in case of any emergency.


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